Bucket Loads of Health

BLH Update 5: A Watershed moment

Bucket Loads of Health was recently a part of the Wits University WATERSHED Exhibition, which takes place at Wits University from the 10th -21st September 2018. WATERSHED is a celebration of water – a tapestry of arts, science and elemental politics, which includes interactive art installations, engineering and scientific displays, as well as workshops and talks.

On September 13, Dr Gill Black and Jess Drewett presented a flash talk on the Bucket Loads of Health project, its activities and methodologies (scroll down to learn more about our participatory visual methods in our previous blog posts). The flash talk also included a viewing of Our Water Challenges which was well received by all present, and catalysed discussions around SLF’s participatory visual methods – body mapping and storytelling in particular.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of WATERSHED, to be able to interact with individuals from an array of disciplines, be immersed in presentations and discussions around many aspects of water and share the journey of BLH!

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