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BLH Update 8: Exhibition with #Delft Water Clan

Delft Exhibition poster

A recent highlight of the Bucket Loads of Health journey was our second exhibition of public engagement in water science at the Delft Voorbrug Public Library hall. On show were the works of the #Delft Water Clan from Delft in Cape Town and the Water Resource Laboratory of the Stellenbosch University Microbiology Department. The vibrant colours of the life size body maps on display added to the energy of the exhibition room.

Exhibition space with body maps and photos  Exhibition: viewing body maps  Delft Water Clan member sharing insights about their community map

In addition to the body maps, community maps created by the Delft Water Clan were on show. Exhibition guests explored the space, and through the body maps, community maps as well as conversations with individuals of the Delft Water Clan, learned of and discussed their experiences around water, health and well-being within the context of the 2017-2018 drought. Photos showing the activities of the creative and knowledge exchange workshops were also on display. There were also opportunities for community members and other guests to interact with the research of the microbiology team and their hand maps which shared their journeys into water microbiology.

BLH exhibtion: community members and scientists discussing water microbiology research 

Delt short film series viewing at exhibtion    Delft Water Clan and residents questioning the CoCT at the exhibtion

An important part of the exhibition program included showing four short films made with the Delft Water Clan during the project. These films shared with the audience the experiences of living in Delft during the Cape Town water crisis under severe water restrictions. They also highlight the need for reflection on decisions made by authorities during times of drought in urban spaces and implications of these decisions on people’s lives. Anna James and Sarah Van Borek of DayOne podcast who attended the exhibition share their thoughts on the exhibition and these consequences. The Delft Water Clan and other community residents were also able to engage with a City of Cape Town representative and ask questions around their water and health related challenges. We hope this is just the first step for the Delft Water Clan in sharing and discussing their experiences of the water crisis with the City.


Delft Water Clan group at exhibtiion
From left to right: Back row: Siphokazi Pangalele, Clayton DeLille, Marilyn Jacobs, Luthfiyah Tites, Norton Adams, Clevin Consul, Sally February, Salaama Topass, Prudence Damane, Sean van Wyk, Xoliswa Pasiya, Rugshana Sabedien Front row: Gill Black, Tashwell Davids, Lameez Baatjes, Roukayna Brown and Jess Drewett.

Thank you to everyone who attended the exhibition, the microbiology team, Delft Water Clan and everyone who made this journey possible!

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