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Gender, Violence and Agency
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Gender, Violence and Agency

Lead: Dr Joanna Wheeler
Project manager: Dr Gill Black
Funders and Partners: UK Department for International Development, the Institute of Development Studies and Sonke Gender Justice

The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation, in collaboration with Sonke Gender Justice and the Institute of Development Studies, developed an action research project focused on understanding gender-based violence (GBV) in Cape Town.

The project worked with 14 activists working with Community Action Teams in various townships around Cape Town. The project included an intensive 3-day digital story-telling workshop in May, during which time each of the activists had the opportunity to explore and recount how gender based violence has influenced his or her life. The major outcome of this workshop was a collection of short, digital stories that encapsulated powerful messages around gender and violence.

In the second phase of the project, using the completed digital stories as a starting point, another 3-day workshop was held to assess and analyse the role of power in each video, and how individual relationships changed throughout the course of their stories. From this workshop, individual ‘power maps’ were developed to visually demonstrate these changes.

Lastly, to wrap-up the project, a full-day stakeholder policy discussion was held in Khayelitsha to discuss the implications of what we have learned throughout the project and how these learnings can feed into the discussion of designing a national policy framework for how to address gender based violence in South Africa.

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