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Lively Hoods to Livelihoods
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Lively Hoods to Livelihoods

Lead: Dr Leif Petersen
Funders and Partners: National Lotteries Commission, Substance Films

In exciting news and building on our ‘Hobbies to Livelihoods” programme, SLF has been granted funding from South Africa’s National Lotteries Commission to reconceptualise and record a range of global top 10 music hits and original tracks in collaboration with a number of South African township musicians uncovered in our decade of nationwide township research.

With permission from the original artists and production input from professional musician, Arthur Collier, these songs are to be re-performed and re-produced by these musicians in a range of South African Township styles and genres (such as hip hop, reggae, kwaito and gospel).

Each of the ten musicians/groups will undergo a specific training course in sound engineering and music production to be equipped with valuable skills in music production in a technical training course. At the conclusion of the training programme, and as part of the training process each of these musicians will in-turn recruit five new artists from their home communities to produce new songs. The project will culminate with a public launch of their music and a documentary of their, and SLF’s story in collaboration with Substance Films.

This project brings together SLF’s research, engagement and innovation programs in a new and exciting way. We look forward to providing project and creative updates over the next 12 months!

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