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Participate, Engage, Prevent TB II
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Participation in action for the prevention of TB and HIV in South Africa (PEP-TB II)

Lead: Dr Gill Black
Project manager: Nabeel Petersen
Funders: USAID TB Care II
In partnership with Living Hope, Popular Education Programme, Community Healing Network, Butterfly Art Project, the City of Cape Town and the Seawinds Clinic

The Participate, Engage, Prevent-TB II project has brought together local focus groups from the communities of Capricorn and Seawinds to promote and enhance public health knowledge within these 2 areas of high TB and HIV prevalence. Through a participatory workshop process facilitated by the SLF team, the focus groups have developed an array of visual, awareness-raising outputs for sharing within their own communities, and ultimately with a far wider audience.

Community care workers and other active members of the Capricorn community created a series of digital short stories that show the distress that TB and HIV have brought into their own families and what effect this has had on them as care workers, wives, mothers and sisters. This inspiring collective of women have also participated in a theatre for development process; in partnership with the Popular Education Programme they have produced – and act in – a series of short vignettes depicting day-today scenes of community life on the themes of stigma, prevention, treatment and support, in relation to TB, MDR-TB and HIV.

In a collaborative initiative with the Butterfly Arts project and the HTPC, 13 young men and women from Capricorn have engaged in a Photovoice process through which they have captured still images of how they ‘see’ TB and HIV through the lens of their home community. These photographs have been assembled into a portable exhibition in an effort to bring the perspectives of local youth into the conversations sparked among those who see and respond to the photographs.

The digital stories, drama performances and photograph exhibition are being shared at large-scale events in Capricorn and Seawinds. Community dialogues have opened the stories and photo exhibit up for analysis and comment by audience members. Learning and mobilization imparted through the drama performances and other event activities is being monitored though audience discussion and structured surveys.

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