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Shebeen Livelihoods
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Shebeens Livelihoods: Spaces and Places

Lead: Dr Andrew Charman
Partners: UrbanWorks

This project seeks to explore the complex nature of drink and drinking in Sweet Home Farm through an examination of shebeens. The project entails a partnership and intellectual collaboration between the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation and Urban Works Architecture and Urbanism. It builds upon and enhances the research into the informal economy and micro-enterprises in Sweet Home Farm, undertaken in September 2011.

The project investigates the broader role of shebeens as spaces and places. It examines, through socio-ethnography, how shebeens are positioned in terms of their relationship to settlement and space, including streets and their role in providing publicly accessible space within an over-crowded settlement. The project outcomes were showcased at a shebeen exhibition in Sweet Home Farm. The dynamics in six shebeen typologies can be explore through the Emergent City web site, whilst digital stories enable eight shebeen owners to express their ‘voice’, describing their experiences and engaging with the policies that affect their livelihoods.

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