Name: Peter Lewis
Position:  Project Manager

Peter Lewis is a labour market scholar, researcher and writer.  From the mid-1980’s until 2004, he worked with South African trade unions, employers, and (from 1994) government agencies on occupational health and safety and basic conditions of employment issues and policy.  He was a senior researcher with the Industrial Health Research Group and for Fafo Norway’s South African initiative in the early 2000’s. The latter involved research projects in Botswana and Madagascar, and the first national Labour Force Survey in South Africa.  He has worked as an associate researcher with the Labour and Enterprise Project at the University of Cape Town, on labour brokers and bargaining councils.  Since 2004, he has worked in the field of ethical and Fairtrade supply chains in agriculture; as an employee of a multi-stakeholder initiative (WIETA) in the South African wine industry; and as a consultant on Fairtrade and ethical trade in global supply chains for Comic Relief charity (a major Fairtrade support funder). Peter has also worked for the Fair Labor Association in the USA and Geneva on capacity building and stakeholder mapping in the Cocoa Industry in Cote d’Ivoire.

Peter is responsible for liaison with partners of this project, implementation and reporting of the pilot studies on impact assessment of Fairtrade, and development of the draft policy on impact assessment for Fairtrade Africa.

Name:  Andrew Charman
Position:  Technical support

Andrew will provide oversight of delivery of the objectives, and provide intellectual support and direction to the policy and research aspects of the project.  This project arose out of research that Andrew and Leif Petersen completed in 2010/11, evaluating 5 Fairtrade operations in South Africa for Fairtrade Foundation UK (to be published on FTF website in mid-2012).

Name: Andrew Hartnack
Position: Technical advisor

Andrew is a Cape Town based social anthropologist and development specialist. He has nine years of experience working with and for research institutes and Non-Governmental Organisations in his native Zimbabwe and in South Africa. This work has focused on displacement and migration, community development and livelihood enhancement, land reform, conservation and HIV/Aids in southern Africa.

Andrew will provide important conceptual and intellectual support.