Andrew Charman

Title: Director; Team Leader of FIME Project
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Qualification: PhD (CANTAB), MPhil
Email address:

Andrew trained as a sociologist and development economist. His current research focuses on understanding the scope, scale and spatiality of the township informal economy through an examination of area case studies. His interests include studying the dynamics of micro-enterprises / entrepreneurship as well as understanding the politics of informality. Andrew has experimented with new research methods to enhance stakeholder participation and visualise outcomes. He has written about food insecurity in rural societies, the use of welfare transfer as a strategy to reduce unemployment, micro-enterprise competition and violent entrepreneurship, state policies to enforce informalisation and the sociology of drink and drinking. In his current role, Andrew seeks to translate research into policy measures that can better serve the needs of people living in poverty through empowering them with active citizenship to challenge unfair laws and hold politicians and policy makers to account for their development interventions.