Caitlin Tonkin

Title: Researcher
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Qualification: MSc Africa and International Development (UoE), Hons. Justice and Transformation (UCT), BSoc.Sc. International Relations and History (UCT).

Caitlin has a background in political studies, having abandoned English for the intrigue of politics early in her studies. Her Honours research (at UCT) explored grassroots transitional justice processes in Zimbabwe, while her Masters research (at the University of Edinburgh) explored insurgent citizenship amongst South Africans living in informality, and the state’s repressive response to insurgent citizenship. Her Masters work on informality led her to the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation, to which she brings a social justice perspective on informal economy issues. Despite these areas of specialisation, she is hesitant to call herself a specialist in anything yet – there are still so many research areas waiting to be discovered! Outside the workplace, you can find her running and hiking outdoors, plotting her next roadtrip, buried in a good novel, or cooking up something delectable in the kitchen.