Dillon Wademan

Title: Researcher
Hometown: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Qualification: MA Sociology (Stellenbosch University), Hons. Sociology (Stellenbosch University), BA Sociology (Stellenbosch University)
Email: dillon.wademan@livelihoods.org.za

Dillon is a South African social scientist interested in issues related to care practices and access to and provision of healthcare. In particular, he is interested in how biomedicine, biomedical technologies and personal belief systems affect and shape care practices and healthcare provision. His previous research includes research into the effect of faith on healthcare-seeking behaviours, the provision of primary healthcare interventions to farm workers in the Western Cape living with chronic diseases of ‘lifestyle’, and more recently, during his Masters, community care worker’s use of knowledge of their clients’ everyday lives to help them access a full spectrum of care. In his spare time, Dillon enjoys running, reading, writing and listening to music.