Gill Black

Title: Director; Team Leader of Participation in Health Projects
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Qualification: PhD (CANTAB); B.SC (Hons – GU)
Email address:

Gill has developed a core interest in health and biomedical science communication, participatory methodology and behaviour change. Her work has been rooted in community-based TB and HIV research since 1993, initially as a molecular biologist and more recently from a social perspective with SLF. Through her PhD and post-doctoral studies of genetics and immunology in Brazil, Malawi and South Africa, Gill became increasingly aware of the need to find effective methods to engage with community members about the biomedical research activities and public health issues that most affect their lives. She has gained expertise in a variety of participatory processes including focus group facilitation, digital storytelling and community driven theatre for development, and has lead all of the SLF health-themed projects. Gill received her qualifications and scientific training at the Universities of Glasgow, Oxford, Cambridge, London and Stellenbosch. She has lived and worked in Cape Town since 2002 and is a founder member of the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation. She has had a long standing association with the Masque Theatre and Muizenberg Dramatic Society as actor, director, production manager and chairman.