Nava Derakhshani

Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana
Qualifications: M.Phil Sustainable Development (Stellenbosch University), Bachelor of Architectural Studies (UCT)
Nava has a passion for environmental sustainability and believes that social equality and access to resources are significant determinants for ecological care. She is interested in the dynamics and dynamism of urban systems, informality, resilience and food security. She has worked in climate advocacy, urban food resilience and has carried out her masters research embedded in a rural community in Ethiopia learning about traditional agricultural practices.
Within the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation Nava is involved with research, facilitation, documentation and communication within the various intersecting themes of the organisation. Furthermore, she works to in tegrate the power of the arts for effective communication, emphasising the value of visual and social mediums in communication today.
Outside of the office she is an avid gardener with the aspiration to set up an urban neighbourhood farm, a multimedia artist and an open hearted photographer.