Bucket Loads of Health

Bucket Loads of Health has 4 main phases.

Phase 1 is comprised of participatory workshops with groups of community members from Enkanini, Delft and the Southern Suburbs of the CoCT. Participants will work with visual methods including body mapping and personal story telling, and produce musical accompaniments, to reflect upon their experiences around water shortage, water saving and water reuse – and what these mean to their health and wellbeing.


Phase 2 involves bringing the community participants and the SUN water microbiologists together in a knowledge exchange and co-learning process. The creative outputs from Phase 1 will be shared with the scientists, and the scientists will engage the community members in the need for and implications of their research. Dialogues around the health risks associated with using alternative water sources will be facilitated to encourage the generation of new ideas for safe water saving and recycling.  


Phase 3 – Participants from Enkanini will be supported to produce short collective films, to convey their perspectives on the scientific research that is being done on rainwater harvested within their community. These films will include the stories, music and maps generated through Phase 1 and will build on the knowledge shared with and by the scientific team.   


Phase 4 will enable the outputs and learning from the project to be made more widely available through exhibitions in each of the 3 participating communities. Presentations in academic forums and with municipal policy makers will extend the reach of project learning.  


We will be working with Pam Sykes (founder of Digital Story Telling South Africa) on the body mapping and personal story telling components, and Victoria Hume (University of the Witwatersrand) on all things musical.