The Collaboration for Research on Democracy (CORD)
Global Research Network
Network co-ordinators: Dr. Laurence Piper and Dr. Joanna Wheeler

The Collaboration for Research on Democracy (CORD) is a global research network that brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore the ways that citizen-centric strategies for development have the potential to deepen democracy and secure rights for poor and marginalized groups from all sections of the world.

The mission of the organisation is “to contribute to inclusive citizenship and democratic governance through collaborative, applied research.”

Along with actively contributing to the body of knowledge surrounding citizenship, participation and democracy, CORD also focuses on the intersections between research and policy-making. Specifically, CORD aims to achieve:

  1. The generation of new knowledge across contexts
  2. The dissemination of new knowledge widely to decision-makers and practitioners
  3. A deepened capacity of Southern partners to carry out high quality research, communication and policy engagement
  4. The fostering of dynamic engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers

SLF staff members, including Andrew Charman, Laurence Piper and Joanna Wheeler have been actively involved as CORD members since the inception of the network in late 2011. Since then, they have been involved with the network in various capacities. Laurence Piper recently co-edited the network’s first publication, “Mediated Citizenship – the Informal Politics of Speaking for Citizens in the Global South.” Since May 2014, Laurence and Joanna have been the designated Coordinators of the network.