Cape Town

Project Lead: Dr. Joanna Wheeler
Project Manager: Rory Liedeman

Funders & Partners: Government of South Korea, Participate, the Institute of Development Studies, UNICEF and UNDP

SLF have been funded by the Government of South Korea and will collaborate with Participate, the Institute of Development Studies, UNICEF and UNDP as part of a new initiative to explore how to develop more participatory approaches to monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In September 2015, the SDGs replaced the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) as the global framework for development. After a major global consultation and advocacy process to arrive at the goals, the next big question is how the SDGs will be implemented and monitored. In response to lessons learned from the weaknesses of the MDGs, the success of this new framework requires citizens to participate in monitoring how SDGs are implemented in their contexts.

Over the next year, SLF will lead a pilot project in Delft, Cape Town to explore how to improve accountability on the issue of safety in the township. SLF will work with highly marginalised citizens who are committed to working for a safer and more inclusive city. The project will promote dialogue between these groups and representatives of government about how to address violence, insecurity and safety. Through creative and story-based methods, the pilot will generate new insight into how to improve the relationship between citizens and government in the South African context. This action learning case will build on existing SLF relationships within the township, and with various government bodies. In partnership with UNICEF, SLF will also hold a national engagement event to start the conversation about how citizens can help to monitor the SDGs.