Gill Black

Gill Black

Title: Managing Director
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Qualification: PhD (CANTAB); B.SC (Hons – GU)
Email address:

Gill began her career as an infectious diseases researcher in 1993. Her experience as a field-based health scientist in Kenya, Brazil, Malawi and South Africa, and extensive interactions with research participants in each of these contexts, catalysed Gill’s transition to the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation (SLF) in 2010. In her capacity as a director at SLF, Gill now works to engage with people living in townships and informal settings about the public health concerns and health-related research activities that most affect their lives. Gill has developed a core interest in the use of participatory visual methods (PVM) as platforms for action research to foster community mobilization and transform health practice.

Over the past 8 years she has gained extensive experience in a wide range of PVM including digital storytelling, applied theatre, participatory photography and collaborative film-making. Gill has developed innovative approaches to working with body mapping and hand mapping as grounded platforms for knowledge exchange and co-learning. Most recently she wrote a blog for Saferspaces on using hand mapping in the contexts of violence and insecurity. Gill received her qualifications and biomedical training at the Universities of Glasgow, Oxford, Cambridge, London and Stellenbosch. She has lived and worked in Cape Town since 2002.

For a more in-depth and comprehensive view of Gill’s publication history, please visit her Research Gate profile.


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