Leif Petersen

Leif Petersen

Title: Co-Director
Hometown: Queensland, Australia
Qualification: PhD (UQ); MSc (cum laude); B.App.Sci (Hons)
Email address: leif.petersen@livelihoods.org.za

Leif is a social entrepreneur and social ecologist with a range of research and personal interests pertaining to people and the environment, informal economy culture and business practice. Leif completed his PhD in 2013 with the University of Queensland, studying Cape Town’s informal economy of natural resources and traditional medicines. Leif has worked throughout southern and eastern Africa and Asia-Pacific before jointly founding SLF in 2010. Outside of the office Leif busies himself with crisis management of his two small children, surfing, cricket, hiking and commuting. Leif has lived in South Africa for fourteen years.

For a more in-depth and comprehensive view of Leif’s publication history, please visit his Research Gate profile.


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