30 Apr
  • By Jess Drewett

A Development Vision for Informal Micro-Enterprises in Philippi East Industrial Area

SLF has collaborated with the Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) to produce a development vision for the Philippi East Industrial Area. The project rationale was to develop a strategy for accelerating economic inclusion in this area. The development vision was based on thorough research. This included a trader survey and census, geospatial analysis of formal businesses and street trade, a participatory engagement with traders, and several rounds of consultation with officials from the City of Cape Town.
The proposed development vision calls on the CoCT to formalise of street trade through the implementation of street trader plans upon the finalisation of the road infrastructure project associated with the MyCity bus rollout. SLF has recommended that the first such street trading plan be implemented in Protea Road, where implementation is technically and legally feasible. The development vision calls on the CoCT and its area partners (PEDI) to undertake investments in infrastructure to benefit street trade. Suggested infrastructural improvements include shelter for traders; storage facilities; access to water, electricity and sewerage; improvement in street lighting and surveillance; and access to public toilets. The vision advocates for the development of a business hub which, if establish at a favourable locality within the precinct, could accommodate street traders as well as micro-enterprises and formal businesses. Such a development could be enhanced through the provision of community infrastructure. In this respect, the project identified the need to establish a formal taxi rank, a multi-car washing facility (drawing on renewable water sources), a test driving done and business units for vehicle services and repairs.  PEDI will now advance support for the development vision through engagement with the CoCT, private business and development entities. A summary version of the report will soon be published on the SLF web-site.
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