30 Apr
  • By Jess Drewett

Action Research and Community Engagement Workshop held in Kerala, India.

Between 5 February and 12 February 2018, SLF staff members Rory Liedeman and Farida Ryklief attended a global gathering hosted in Kerala, India. The workshop event formed part of a five country collaboration with The Institute of Development Studies (UK) in connection with a project funded by The British Academy entitled “Building sustainable inclusion from intersecting inequalities to accountable relationships”. At this meeting, two important outputs were produced. The first, a collection of statements from all five country partners, including South Africa, where participants managing various action research and community engagement processes around the world, were provided with an opportunity to comment on their experience of building accountable relationships through their work. The statements have subsequently been developed into a visual product (film) synthesising some of the key pathways to accountability that the various groups navigated. The second output is the production of country policy briefs to be shared, together with the collective film, with high-level policymakers from various partner countries. The outputs will be shared at the next Sustainable Development Programme in April 2018. Research findings will be shared from projects around the globe and will include SLF’s work with the Delft Safety Group led by Rory Liedeman since 2015. Various thematic areas will be covered, such as sustainable governance, sustainable growth and sustainable human development. The aim is to provide important lessons to improve policy for sustainable development. An exciting announcement in relation to this is that SLF has extended an invite to Alderman Jean-Pierre Smith to participate at the high-level event. The Alderman has subsequently accepted and was recently approved by Executive Mayor Patricia De Lille to make the trip. The roundtable discussion will be held on Tuesday 17 April between 12.30 and 4.00 pm at the British Academy (10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London). For more information please check our Facebook and Twitter posts.