30 Apr
  • By Jess Drewett

BLH Update1: Enkanini Workshop

Our Wellcome funded Bucket Loads of Health public engagement project has got off to a flying start. Last month we spent a wonderfully creative week with a group of 12 men and women who live in the informal settlement of Enkanini, in Stellenbosch. Over five activity-packed days the group reflected on water accessibility in Enkanini and their most urgent water-related needs. They also shared their perspectives on past and present research activities – including projects focussed on water – carried out in their community. The Enkanini residents worked together to produce community maps, body-maps, role plays and musical accompaniments and relayed personal stories about their most challenging water-related experiences. This unique body of individual and collective artwork illustrates the difficulties faced by all Enkanini residents around access to clean running water and how drainage, decent sanitation and effective waste disposal are almost completely absent in the settlement. In-depth group discussions revealed how these challenges intersect and compromise the health, well-being and dignity of the community. The maps, stories, music and drama performances will be shared later this year with a group of water microbiologists who are currently doing research on rainwater in the informal settlement.

Enkanini Creative workshop: Community mapping and body mapping



                                        Enkanini Creative workshop: exploring the sounds of water. Participants working together to link different sounds of water to memory, culture and personal experience.


During the month of April, we will be facilitating our second five-day creative workshop, this time with participants who are residents from Delft. For further updates and information about the Bucket Loads of Health project, keep tuned to SLF on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the updates link on our project page (http://livelihoods.org.za/projects/bucket-loads-of-health).



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