30 Apr
  • By Jess Drewett

PMA Highlights #DelftLivesMatter through Engagement Events

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Contributors: Nava Derakhshani, Joanna Wheeler and Caitlin Tonkin


Delft, Cape Town, has one of the highest crime rates in the country, with record levels of homicides. SLF has been working with a group of Delft residents (the Delft Safety Group) to help them tell their own stories about the problems they face living in Delft –  this process has been part of the Participatory Monitoring and Accountability (PMA) project. After a year of facilitated engagement, residents have produced short films and personal stories about their lives in Delft and how they could be different. Through a series of public screenings of these films, hosted in late November in partnership with UCT’s Safety and Violence Initiative (SAVI), the group articulated clear messages about how insecurities affect them, and about the support they need to confront these problems. Through this series of public engagements, people from Delft started a fresh conversation with government, civil society and the general public about how to create real partnerships for safer, inclusive cities. They also called for the transformation of the police, more accountable political leaders, and more of a focus on the potential of young people. These events gave an opportunity for everyone to understand why people’s lives in Delft matter.



Further to the public engagement events hosted, the PMA team has produced a report on the process, findings and recommendations of the PMA work. The work focuses on how to make cities and informal settlements safer and more inclusive, taking as a starting point the extremely high levels of insecurity and violence that characterise daily life for many within townships and informal settings in South Africa. Read the full report, including links to the short stories and collective films made by the group, here.


A further blog explaining the Delft Safety Group and PMA process is available here, written by SLF’s Nava Derakhshani and Joanna Wheeler. Below is the short film ‘Gangsters in Uniform’, produced collectively by the Delft Safety Group.


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