30 Apr
  • By Jess Drewett

Pending Public Release of Informality Data

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Contributor: Andrew Charman


The Formalising Informal Micro-Enterprises (FIME) project undertook research on township micro-enterprises from 2010-2015. One aspect of the research was to investigate enterprise characteristics and business challenges. The project conducted 3188 interviews with business owners in eight different township localities. The data has been compiled into a data-set to enable cross-sector and cross-site analysis; the identity of the research informants have, notwithstanding, been anonymised.  SLF has developed a user-manual for future users of the data set. The manual details the research process and questionnaires through which the data was obtained and explains the organisation of the data-set as well as the associated coding framework. The data-set is now publicly available. We are in an advanced phase of negotiating to have the data-set accessible through public data saving and data sharing platform.  Details on accessing the SLF FIME data-set will be announced on the SLF Facebook page.

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