30 Apr
  • By Jess Drewett

Second Successful Solutions Lab: Unlocking Land for Micro-enterprise Growth (ULMEG)

As part of the completion of the SLF project ULMEG, SLF in collaboration with UrbanWorks held the second successful ‘solutions lab’ workshop in Cape Town on the 23rd of March 2018. The ULMEG projects main aim was to tackle land constraints on micro-enterprises in the informal economy. Micro-enterprises are often forced into informalisation due to the regulations around obtaining a title deed and complying with land system requirements, giving entrepreneurs no choice but to trade illegally. We have termed this reality: ‘Enforced Informalisation’. Land management systems and land rights are inappropriate for micro-enterprises. WHAT needs to be done?

The workshop aimed to generate practical answers to the following three questions:

How do we enhance the security of land tenure?

How do we simplify land use management systems for business formalisation?

How do we enable business growth and development on high streets?

The event brought together a group of specialists to discuss solutions for unlocking land. The participants were drawn from industry, provincial and local government, civil society organisations and academia. The event generated robust discussion on the topics of land use title and rights, the need for an appropriate land use management scheme, and the importance of micro-enterprise formalisation. SLF is in the process of documenting the outcome which will be published in early April.

Thireshen Govender showcasing the results of our research on land systems constraints in Ivory Park.

SLF conducted a participatory action learning process in September of 2017, to document the actual experiences of individual micro-entrepreneurs in their efforts to respond to the land use constraints which impact their businesses. See our latest report on the themes that emerged from 10 stories which document personal experiences of spatial injustice.


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