29 Apr
  • By livelihoods-admin

Township Economy in 2020 Series #1: Informal Micro-Enterprises in Delft


Most research on informal micro-enterprises in South African townships provides a static perspective of the enterprise and business environment. This makes it difficult to assess the changes that take place in this  economic setting over time. Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation (SLF) has conducted three micro-enterprise surveys in Delft South in the past decade (2010/11, 2015 & 2020). This research provides a relatively long-term perspective on trends in the informal micro-enterprise environment. This blog reports on the findings of the 3rd wave of surveys conducted in 2020. There were some surprising results. We were particularly concerned with the evidence on the decline of survivalist businesses.

This blog forms part of a new series, Township Economy in 2020. The series will showcase original research conducted by the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation and our partners. Look out for our next blog on township accommodation.

Township Economy in 2020 #1

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