17 Jun
  • By Carol Masingi

Township Economy In 2020 Series #4: An Interview with SLF’s Project Officer, Anthony Muteti

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Far left, Anthony Muteti and his field work team in Delft Disclaimer: This image was taken before the COVID-19 outbreak

Anthony Muteti, The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation’s Project Officer, has created a podcast series. In this series, he shares his experiences about what happens in the field while doing research. This series will cover topics such as the pressures field researchers face, the skills required to do field research well, specific experiences of the Delft Third Wave Resurvey and crime and gangsterism in Delft. In the first podcast in this series, Muteti talks about Delft in Cape Town. He speaks about the experiences we had during our research, the encounters we had with gangs and his own views on racial integration and issues that attract immigrants to Delft. In this podcast, you can find out about Delft’s location and history, as well as gain insights into what is going on in Delft in relation to crime issues. Crime in this area ranges from general crime such as petty theft to the biggest threat to business development – gangsterism. He also talks about racial issues and how this affects relationships in general. There are also positive things happening in Delft, such as housing development by government. More importantly on this topic, individual home owners in Delft are making great efforts to make their houses look beautiful, but this also highlights the gap between the rich and poor in the same area. Listen to the first episode in the series here.

We interviewed Muteti, to introduce his podcast and the work that he does. Find the interview below.

Township Economy in 2020 Series #4

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