Informal Economy Food Services

Lead: Dr Leif Petersen Funders: CoE in Food Security, UWC
Food security is one of the major strategic challenges faced by South Africans in the next decade. This includes food production, availability, suitability and nutrition – especially for poor South Africans. Leif Petersen has recently commenced a PostDoctoral fellowship at the National Research Foundation Centre of Excellence in Food Security at the University of the Western Cape. His work will entail investigation and publication of academic and popular papers examining the role of informal economy food services and their contribution towards food security within the township context. His first piece of research will include a study of street food in Cape Town townships – in particular the businesses behind this activity and their sustainability. A further research activity, in conjunction with Camilla Thorogood who is enrolled as a CoE funded M.Phil student at UWC will investigate the activities of informal child care facilities in Vrygrond, Cape Town with respect to what children in these facilities are being given to eat and the resultant impact on childhood malnutrition. Furthermore, in his spare time Leif will be supporting a food sovereignty study which will investigate exactly what the ingredients are that end up in that mysterious sausage-like product commonly called polony. Click here to read Leif’s article on informal food trade

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