Lotto Arts Project

Building on the success of our previous NLCSA funded project, “Lively hoods to Livelihoods” SLF is furthering its creative economies work in South African townships, specifically Delft (Cape Town) and Pinetown South (eThekwini). Through capacity building workshops with 20 creative township residents we are working with videographer Kayla Petersen to support visual arts (video and photography) to showcase the culture of South African township life and businesses. The project draws together SLF’s extensive project management, the creative directors’ experience, the inputs of at least six beneficiaries supported in SLF’s prior NLCSA funded project on a creative advisory panel, and highly skilled team mentors. Building on SLF’s extensive prior experience in various storytelling genres, the content created by these beneficiaries will be interwoven into short films for use as both new products and also in furthering the original objectives of the “State of the Nation” project concluded in 2020. The beneficiaries will gain stills photography and video training, and support for telling their story in these formats.
At conclusion of the field work all outputs from the project beneficiaries will be collated and crafted into various themes (for example by location or subject) for exhibition use. Music and visual materials will be mixed and mastered with emerging artist beneficiaries under supervision of the creative directors in Cape Town, and using bought-in services from further specialists. Decision making on artistic merits and content will be highly collective, utilizing the creative advisory panel, and will link to all beneficiaries across South Africa via social media communication tools. The final product will represent a collective outcome of all participants work, presented and shared in such a way that gives credit back to the original beneficiaries. The end products will be professionally produced by beneficiary specialists, and the project will be showcased at a national symposium scheduled for end-August.