Participate: Digital Stories

Lead: Dr Gill Black Process facilitator: Bathulile Ntshingila Funders: UK Aid,  Participate (Institute of Development Studies)

Participate is co-convened by the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex, UK) and Beyond 2015. The Participate vision is focused on building a global framework that supports the capacity of individuals and groups to design and implement their own strategies for development. Participatory processes enable people living in poverty to become more aware of their situation and of the potential to pool their knowledge and experience with others living in similar circumstances and facing the same challenges. Through this sharing experience, people find dignity, recognize their abilities and find their confidence to tackle problems themselves. By working with the state to design, implement, and monitor policies, citizens not only gain access to critical resources, they also build the states capacity.

SLF has joined the Participate initiative as one of 18 organizations from across the globe that comprise the Participate Research Group (PRG). Using a variety of participatory approaches, the PRG aims to provide high quality evidence on the reality of poverty at ground level and to bring the perspectives of the poorest and most marginalized into the post-2015 debate.

As a members of the Participate Research Group (PRG) SLF is implementing two participatory research projects in two South African cities, one in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg.

In Cape Town, community members from the township of Delft have created a series digital stories, vividly depicting how tuberculosis (TB) and HIV have directly impacted upon their lives. Their perspectives on the continued influence of infectious diseases in the context of poverty will contribute towards health policy debate beyond the current MDGs.

All project participants belong to an established focus group in Delft – the Delft Community Help Campaign – aimed at developing innovative communication approaches to aid the prevention of TB and HIV, with support from USAID. The digital storytelling project also builds upon an existing partnership between SLF and The Delft Youth Theatre for Health project (DYTfH) which was established by SLF in 2011.

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