Township High Street Activation: Ingulube Road, Philippi

Project Lead: Andrew Charman
The Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) has commissioned the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation to provide recommendations on Township high street activation in Philippi. In this project, SLF will undertake a detailed study informal trading conditions, including the business environment, along an important transport corridor. The corridor comprises Ingulube Road and Amsterdam Street, from the Philippi train station to the intersection with Govan Mbeki Drive. The corridor precinct includes underperforming business development hives, situated at the intersection of Amsterdam Street and Govan Mbeki Drive and outside the Browns Farm library. The research will include:
  • A comprehensive survey of all street traders.
  • A participatory design workshop to solicit ideas on how the high street could be activated for the benefit of both traders and other users.
  • A social-spatial study of the street morphology and business investments in infrastructure.
  • A series of geospatial maps, showing a comparison of business activities along the high street from 2012 when SLF first studied the street to the present situation.
  • The development of recommendations to improve the business environment, including investments in physical and social infrastructure.
The project commenced in November 2019 and is due for completion in February 2020.

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