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Gill Black
Andrew Charman
Leif Petersen

SafeShebeens: Promoting Community Safety through Innovation, 12 Month Impact Assessment Report


Developing a supportive regulatory environment for the growth and trade in medicinal and recreational marijuana in SA

What Price Cheap Goods?

State of the Nation Booklet

Uitenhage Township Economy Development Strategy

Uitenhage Township Economy

The Impact of Supermarkets in Philippi East

Bucket Loads of Health Report

Ivory Park Township Revitalisation

Post-Apartheid Spatial Inequality: Obstacles of Land Use Management on Townships Micro-Enterprise Formalisation

Transformative Leisure Economies

A Development Vision for Informal Micro-Enterprises in Philippi East Industrial Area

PMA National Report

Translating Complex Realities Through Technologies: Lessons About Participatory Accountability from South Africa

The Heart of the Matter

Solution Labs Outcome: Unlocking Land for Micro-Enterprises

SLF's Five Year Review

South Africa's Informal Economy: Research findings from nine townships

Digital Stories Analysis on Micro-Enterprise Land Constraints

Lessons for Business Development Practitioners

The Wild Harvesting of Plant Medicines in Cape Town

The Informal Economy of Wild Harvested Traditional Medicine in Cape Town

Imizamo Yethu Taxi Industry Research Report

A Smokescreen Economy: the nature and scale of the township grey market cigarette trade in Delft

Adding Value: Informal metal work micro-enterprises in Cape Town townships

Informal Encroachment: a study of an informal retail mall in Wynberg

The Township Educare Sector

Hair Care Businesses and Shipping Containers

Understanding South Africa's Informal Economy

The Informal Economy of Township Spaza Shops

Skarreling for Scrap: informal (landfill) recycling in Cape Town

Submission to the High Level Panel on the Assessment of Key Legislation

The Impact of Land Systems on Micro-Economic Investments

Photovoice: Street Life in Ivory Park

Informal Liquor Retailing

Submission to Grocery Retail Market Sector Inquiry

Safe Shebeens Project Report